High Country Grizzlies


This project was based off a logo designing contest where a local professional American Indoor Football league is looking for a logo to represent their team, the High Country Grizzlies. The Grizzlies is based in Boone, NC, and they needed a design to craft their logo for future sport branding items, such as uniforms, helmets, and fan gear.

For this series of design, I went for a traditional route where the logo incorporated elements that simply represents a sports logo, i.e. The mascot, team name, and a symbol of the sport. I wanted to balance out the text, 'High Country Grizzlies' and football shape being used. The simple football shape emphasizes more of the bear design. The overall design is like a stamp where some sports teams have their logo displayed in that particular way.

In addition to adding on the main requirements provided by the contest coordinators wanting the logo to have specific colors and font to be used according to the football team. The mock-ups of a full body football uniform, helmet, and close ups of the uniform helped illustrate the direction style of the team's representatives.

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