Fictional Ads

Before finishing my junior year (third year), in New Media, all junior students had to create an installation before moving up to their last year of the program. The junior class organized a one day pop-up gallery show where I had at least two weeks to create something to display.

My class ended up brainstorming on the topics about capitalism and consumerism - how they affect society's daily lives when it comes to spending and investing on materialistic items and services. The gallery show was called, "Salary Gallery," to fit the theme.

These branding ads are fictional to point they won't exist in the world, unless one day, these top Fortune 500 companies change their business models. For my installation, I focused on consumerism and how it reflects on how certain groups in society which are loyalty towards a product or service. For example, Apple fans would buy anything made by Apple - "Brand Loyalty." So I ended up redesigning these top companies by creating their own line of products. More like I was remixing their business models with other companies' business models. Eventually, these ads were displayed on a digital magazine publication called "Piggy Bank"which later on became a little branding project.

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